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If your business employs a foreign national or would like to do so, we can advise you on the potential routes that the employee can take through the immigration system as well as possible sponsorship routes.

We can assist with various steps that are involved with bringing in talent to the UK from both inside and outside the EU. Every immigration case is different and so we will tailor the service specifically to your business and the individual involved. Some of the services that we can assist with include:

Tier 1 Investor Visas

The Tier 1 investor visa is designed to allow high net worth individuals that may wish to enter and remain in the UK. This visa is highly dependent on the amount of investment that you wish to make into the UK, however, can be the least demanding route if you have the funds available

Investor visas are appropriate for those wishing to invest £2 million or more In the UK. As with the Tier 1 entrepreneur visa, you can switch into the Tier 1 investor visa if you are currently granted residence under another visa. We can advise on eligibility, process and restrictions. Given the time-limited nature of this type of visa, we can also advise on future options if you wish to extend your leave to remain.

Tier 2 General

If you would like to enhance your career and gain experience and skills by working in the UK, we can help you to explore the visa options available to you if you have secured employment in the UK.

Tier 2 General and Tier 5 Temporary worker visas are both issued under the points-based system and are issued to individuals that have a certificate of sponsorship from an employer with a tier 2 or tier 5 sponsor license.  Tier 2 visas are designed to allow skilled workers to fill vacancies on a long-term basis, whereas tier 5 permits a temporary worker.

There are many variants of these visas available depending on your specific circumstances. We can advise you on the appropriate application, assist you with the process and advise on options if you wish to remain in the UK after the expiration of your visa.

Sponsorship License Applications

If you wish to employ either a temporary or permanent member of staff from outside the European Economic Area, you will need a sponsor licence. Ownership of a sponsor licence enables you to be able to issue a certificate of sponsorship that is necessary for a migrant worker ‘s visa applications.

Sponsorship license applications can be made by employers or education providers and should be prepared and lodged correctly, as well as being kept up to date to ensure your employees’ visas remain valid.

We can help with advice and assistance throughout the application and sponsorship process as well as advising your employees throughout their visa application process. Contact a member of our team today to discuss your specific requirements.

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