Corporate Law


Experienced lawyers can often help make the process of drafting corporate documents faster and more efficient. Documents drafted by a skilled lawyer can also ensure that the paperwork is enforceable, legally binding and tailored specifically to your company and its needs.

Our corporate law services are personalised to your business and are committed to protecting your business and planning for the future. The types of documents that we can help you draft include:

Partnership Agreements

When two or more people set up a business together with a view to making a profit, a partnership is automatically created. However, to avoid any complications in future it is recommended to have partnership agreements, as partnership disputes tend to arise down the line.

A partnership agreement will reduce the opportunity for disputes, or even if a dispute arises, you may be able to save costly proceedings if an agreement is in place. At Bridge Law we can advise and assist you on what should be included in your partnership agreements and drafting those for you.

Business Sales Contracts

Throughout your time in business, you will no doubt need a sales contract at some time or another. A business sales contract is an agreement made between buyer and seller detailing the nature and the delivery of goods, services. 

It is important that you seek relevant legal advice for these contracts to ensure that they are legally enforceable and any special terms relevant to your particular business or situation are considered. Talk to our corporate drafting team to discuss our cost-efficient and professional drafting services.

Vendor agreements

When hiring someone to provide products and/or services it is important to have a defined agreement in place, as this will clearly provide evidence of what products and/or services are to be provided and what is expected, minimising the risks of future confusion and disputes.

Vendor agreements can cover a variety of areas including software, professional services, technology providers, marketing services, event planning and office supplies. 

We can help advise what should be included in your vendor agreements and ensure that they include all the necessary terms and provisions. Discuss your situation with our corporate drafting team for more information.

Employee Contracts

It is important to have these agreements between an employer and employee and although in some cases employment contracts do not legally need to be in writing to be valid, it is important to consider whether you need to provide a written contract of employment and what terms and conditions need to be included.

Failure to provide basic written terms can result in action being taken against you. We can advise you on what should be included in the terms of your employment contracts, and draft them for you.

Shareholders agreements

The key purpose of a shareholders’ agreement is to govern the relationship of the parties involved and to manage their behaviour towards each other when they end the business relationship.

These agreements are entered into between all or some of the shareholders within the company allowing you to manage the relationship between shareholders and managers, ownership of shares and protection for shareholders.

Although shareholder agreements may vary depending on the type of company and circumstances, we can provide advice on appropriate shareholder agreements as well as drafting the agreements.

Franchise and Service Agreements

When expanding your brand through franchising it is important that you create a franchising agreement so that parties involved have clear written evidence of what their responsibilities are and what is expected of them.

At Bridge Law we can assist in preparing franchise agreements, service agreements and related documents.

Non-disclosure & Confidentiality Agreements

Businesses may choose to want information to remain confidential for a number of different reasons. Confidentiality agreements can be written to protect the details of a new invention, new product or service ideas or a business partnership.

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a legal contract that offers protection to parties that will be disclosing confidential information. We can assist you in advising what to include in a non-disclosure agreement related to your specific case and draft the necessary documents.

Intellectual Property Law & Rights

Ensuring you have the correct legal protection in place on your intellectual property is essential to help prevent others from stealing or copying the result of your hard work. Intellectual property rights can be granted to single or multiple owners, or a business and can be sold or transferred to another person. 

You may want to consider protecting your product or brand names, new inventions, product designs and anything you have written, made or produced that is publicly accessible.

Intellectual property rights can be obtained through copyright, patents, designs and trademarks. Some of these processes you can get automatically and others you are required to apply for. Our team can advise you on which would be the best route to take and assist you thorughout the application process. 

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