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Our immigration solicitor provides expert advice to individuals that are in the process or about to commence the process of living, working or studying in the UK. This area of the law is ever changing and can be difficult to navigate, however, our expert immigration lawyers are always on hand to help guide you through the process and keep you informed.

You may wish to come to the UK to start a business, take up employment, study or join family or partners who are already here. Our immigration solicitor can assess your eligibility under the current immigration rules and guidance.

If you want to bring your spouse on a Spouse visa or apply for a visa extension, apply for British nationality or if you are an EU citizen and want PR (Permanent Settlement) or a residence card, call our expert Immigration lawyer.

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Applications for Permanent Residence

After staying in the UK with a Visa, you may wish to apply to become a permanent resident in this country. An application for a permanent residence card is not always needed to acquire the right of permanent residence, however, you may need this as proof of status when applying for jobs for example.

Permanent residence means that there are no longer any time restrictions to your stay in the UK and is a necessary step to applying for British citizenship.

We can advise on whether you would likely meet the requirements for this status and provide advice and assistance with the application process.

Routes to British Nationality and Citizenship

The path to citizenship or indefinite leave to remain in the UK can be a complicated process and it can be difficult to understand what your current situation is and what applications are required on your path to citizenship.

British nationality law means that many people automatically acquire British citizenship without having to make any form of application. also already have indefinite leave to remain in the UK already but wish to apply for British nationality and a British passport. If you do not qualify for British citizenship automatically, we can also help you with the process of applying for registration as a British citizen.

Whatever your current situation, we can advise on your prospects and the procedure as well as assisting you with the process where required.

Obtaining a Visa

You may wish to come to the UK for a number of reasons, such as to study, work or be with family. Depending upon your country of origin you may need a visa to allow you to do this. We can help advise whether this is necessary for your circumstances and assist you with the application process.

Our team can assist you in the applications for all types of UK visas including student visas, and spouse or dependency visas. If you are seeking to enter the UK as an investor, an entrepreneur or for permanent or temporary employment please visit our Business Services section for more information on professional visas types.

If you are an employer or education provider looking to assist potential overseas employees or students with the visa process, please visit our Business Immigration Law page for more information and relevant contact details.

Tier 4 Student Visa Applications

If you have been offered a place on a course of study in the UK and have a valid Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from a licensed sponsor, you can apply for a Tier 4 Student visa.

Talk to one of our experienced lawyers for advice about the conditions that need to be met for your visa as well as assistance throughout the process. Our team also handles all other types of visas and immigration options should you wish to remain in the UK once the study period comes to an end.

Application for Settlement and Leave to Remain

The UK is where you have found friends and family, and developed your career, however being unsure of your immigration status can add worry and stress to your life. After entering the country on a temporary basis there are many options that can give you the peace of mind to remain in the UK for a longer period of time or settle here indefinitely.

We can advise you on the options available and assist you with your applications once you have made a decision on the right route for you.

If you are concerned about changes to your immigration status after Brexit for yourself or your employees, please contact us to discuss the likely outcomes and arrange to discuss in more detail once Brexit negotiations are complete.

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