Professional Negligence


Hired professionals have a duty to exercise reasonable skill and care when whilst providing their services. Unfortunately, professionals do make mistakes from time to time, but often these mistakes can have a significant impact on your life.

If you have instructed a qualified professional person and think you may have a case against them our team is on hand to assess your situation and advise you how to best manage your dispute. This may involve court proceedings but other options such as mediation, complaints through professional bodies or Ombudsman services, negotiation and arbitration will be considered and discussed with you to deal with your dispute in a manner that you are content with and is likely to achieve the best outcome for you in your particular circumstances.

Our professional negligence solicitors can assist you in making claims including:

  • Solicitor & Barrister Negligence
  • Surveyors & Architect Negligence
  • Financial Advisors Negligence
  • Accountant Negligence
  • Mortgage Broker Negligence

For further information on how we can help with professional negligence issues please refer to this section under Individual Professional Negligence Law.

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