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Personal Equine Law


Keeping and riding horses, whilst enjoyable and rewarding, can be a high-risk and expensive endeavour. Naturally, animals are unpredictable and so horse owners need to ensure that suitable steps are taken in case anything happens.

We have experienced lawyers that specialise in settling private and personal legal issues related to equine law. Some of the areas of equine law that we can help you deal with include:

Our professional equine law solicitors can assist you in making claims including:

Sale and Purchase Agreements

The legal proceeding involved in buying or selling a horse can vary greatly depending on your circumstances. Therefore it is always important to seek legal advice prior to making an agreement to ensure that the sale is legally binding and satisfactory on both sides.

Transparency of information is paramount whether you are buying or selling a horse and ensuring you ask the right questions when buying can avoid any disappointments or disputes later. If you are selling a horse, it is important to provide all the necessary information in the agreement to avoid misrepresentation and potential claims to be made for damages or rescindment of the contract. There may also be a breach of contract if the horse is not as stated in the contract which may result in compensation for costs such as vet bills and related losses.

Disputes can arise when buying and selling horses with often large sums of money at stake.  We can help represent you during issues of misrepresentation or breach of contract. There may be complex legal arguments on these issues which means that the advice of a specialist solicitor at an early stage in the dispute can be invaluable.

Veterinary, Trainer and Farrier Negligence

If a professional fails to perform their duties with the required skill and care, resulting in harm or damage to the horse, you may be entitled to claim compensation to cover actual losses suffered through either breach of contract or professional negligence.

A professional failing to act in a way expected of a reasonably skilled professional can include misdiagnosis, failure to treat appropriately or use of outdated techniques. Compensation could cover the market value of the horse if it were to die or cover the loss of profit if you could not raise the usual income from the horse through racing or other means.

For other professional negligence matters concerning you or your business, please contact our Professional Negligence solicitors or learn more about our Professional Negligence Law Services

Public Liability

As a horse owner, you are held liable for any damage caused by your horse to other persons or property. Damage can occur through owner negligence, for example not sufficiently warning visitors of the aggressive nature of a horse, or through nuisances such as not adequately securing a horse allowing it to roam on highways or private land causing damage.

Even in cases where you as the owner has taken all reasonable precautions, you may also be liable for damages caused under the Animals Act 1971. Talk to our expert equine lawyers for advice on how to minimise risks or assistance with understanding your rights if something has gone wrong.

Equine Loan Agreements

Private loans are often made to help fund the purchase of a horse.  It is important to take advice on the wording of such loan agreements and ensure that the terms are as intended. For example, will the loan be secured or unsecured? 

It is vital that any agreement considers all the available options and is tailored to the parties intentions, clearly setting out each party’s rights and obligations. Incorrect understanding of the loan agreement could result in surprises down the line. The loan could amount to a charge over the horse itself or give the lender partial rights over the horse.   Minor errors could be costly and often lead to ownership disputes.  

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