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Personal/Civil Litigation


Becoming involved in a personal dispute is frequently stressful and upsetting and every dispute is different. Our breadth of experience with personal litigation cases means that we can be prepared for the specifics of your case and can ensure that you can benefit from a professional and efficient service.

Throughout the process we seek to minimise the upset caused and by providing fast and practical advice to resolve the dispute as quickly as economically as possible. We can assist you throughout a variety of claims including:

Property Disputes

There are many situations where disputes can occur over property whether you are a homeowner, a landlord or a tenant. We understand that these disputes are varied and can often be complicated and unpleasant to deal with. Our team will work to find a solution to your particular issue as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible, with the sensitivity and attention it deserves. 

Our property dispute solicitors have experience in dealing with a wide variety of issues such as ownership disputes, whether the property should be sold, rights of way, boundary disputes and actions affecting your rights such as high hedges diminishing light or tree roots damaging your property.

Contested Probate

When someone dies, dealing with the administration of the estate can be a stressful time and disputes can often arise within the family.

Contentious probate includes any disagreements relating to the administration of an estate, such as differing interpretations of the Will or disagreements between executors or beneficiaries. Such issues can include if the Will has been lost or damaged, has been made under pressure or has not made a gift to someone who was dependent upon the deceased.

Making a contentious probate claim has a time limit and so should be discussed with a lawyer at the earliest opportunity. Please speak to a member of our personal litigation team or visit Contentious Trusts and Probate Dispute Resolution for more information about how to proceed with making a claim.

For other issues related to a will or estate, please visit Personal Wills and Probate for more information and to contact the relevant team. 

Inheritance Claims

If you believe that you have been unfairly left out of a Will or have not inherited on intestacy where no will was you may be able to make a claim.

In addition, if you were a dependent of the deceased under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act 1975  and were not left what you believe you need as a dependent you may be entitled to a claim.

It is important to take advice on your entitlements at the earliest opportunity as there are time limits to these claims and you may be prevented from making a claim. Talk to a member of our personal litigation team today to learn more about your rights and discuss your claim. 

Professional Negligence

If you have had work carried out by a professional who has not carried out their duty with the necessary skill and care, you may be entitled to compensation for any loss that you have suffered.

Instances of professional negligence could include incorrect advice from a solicitor, an accountant who has not filed your tax return as instructed or an architect who has defectively designed a property.

This area of the law is complex and there are legal tests to determine whether a professional has in fact been negligent and whether any loss you have suffered is due to their negligence or not. We can provide specialist legal advice to identify if you have a claim and assist you through the process of making the claim. 

For further details about the options available please visit our dedicated Professional Negligence page.

Building Disputes

There are many situations relating to buildings where issues and claims can arise. This could be by way of example only a builder who does not carry out work to a required standard, an issue with a building such as subsidence and whether someone is responsible for that or has caused it, there may be an issue with a contract for work and whether the work contracted has been carried out or the price paid.

Contract Disputes

Contracts arise in all areas of life and in different forms. This could be anything from a contract to build a house to a mobile phone or holiday contract. Rights can arise under the contract or through consumer laws. We can advise on the rights of either party and what claims or compensation are appropriate as well as assisting with dealing with the dispute to resolution.

Landlord and tenant rights

This is an area which is rife for dispute, whether it be a tenant who has not paid rent or has caused damage to a property to a landlord who has not served required notices, is trying to unlawfully evict a tenant or is not carrying out required repairs. Whatever the issue it is important to get advice as to your rights and obtain help with action as appropriate.

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