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Landlord & Tenant


As a landlord, some of the legal issues that you can encounter can prevent the process from being a rewarding and profitable business. We can represent both landlords and property managers, and have experience in litigation, so can take legal action including eviction when necessary.

Some of the services that we can assist you with include:

Repossession, Eviction and Lease Enforcement

You may need to remove the tenant and recover your property for a number of reasons, for example, they are not complying with the tenancy agreement by failing to pay rent, are causing damage to the property or you may simply need to sell or move back into the property yourself. There are laws that must be complied with and procedures to be followed for this to occur. These will differ depending on the type of tenancy and whether it is a business or residential tenancy.

We can advise you on the necessary procedure and assist you with the process, which can sometimes also involve court proceedings. If you fail to follow correct procedures you can face action being taken against you for unlawful eviction. This can result in both criminal action and claims for substantial damages being made against you. It is vital that you take the correct action at the earliest opportunity.

Non-payment of Rent

The lease or tenancy agreement will set out the requirements for payment of rent. If rent is not paid there are various actions that can be taken such as debt recovery to claim the unpaid rent or depending on the circumstances possession action to repossess the property due to the non-payment.

We can discuss the available options, decide upon the best way forward in your circumstances and assist and represent you throughout the process.

Dispute resolution

In some circumstances, the relationship may not have completely broken down and rather than follow strict repossession process or debt recovery action, it may be possible to come to an agreement either through negotiation, meeting or sometimes mediation.

We will consider and advise upon the available options and assist you with the chosen course of action to resolve the matter as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

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