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Commercial Litigation


For commercial litigation and dispute resolution, our expert team are on hand to provide advice and representation in relation to various disputes. In business, commercial disputes are to be expected, however it is important to make sure that you feel in control and reach satisfactory solutions that help you meet your commercial objectives. Our team will consider and discuss with you all options of dealing with your matter, which may include negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, mediation, arbitration or assisting you with court proceedings.

Our commercial litigation solicitors act in businesses of all sizes and provide advice in relation to various disputes including:

Commercial Contract Disputes

Commercial agreements can be lengthy and legally complex documents, setting out obligations both parties must meet. It can require professional assistance to understand these documents and fully understand your obligations. 

Due to the complexity, there are many ways in which disputes can arise, such as contractors not fulfilling their duties, goods not being delivered on time or one party not making payment as required.

Whatever the issue, our solicitors have the expertise to advise, assist and represent you in taking the appropriate action to rectify the position.

If you require assistance in the drawing up of a new contract, read more information about our Corporate Drafting Services

Competition Law and Antitrust Claims

Competition laws in both the UK and EU can result in serious action being taken should companies abuse their position of dominance in the market or become involved in cartel behaviour. Legal actions can involve prosecution against directors or staff, and claims made against the company for damages or damage to reputation. 

If your company is considering taking action against another company in the market or you are facing action yourself, our expert team can advise on your position and work with you to minimise risk and represent you if necessary.

Corporate Merger and Acquisition Disputes

A merger or acquisition can be one of the most important steps that you take as a business, and if a deal does not go as planned can have serious impacts on your company. 

Areas of a merger that can result in dispute can include details of shareholder agreements, minority shareholder claims, warranty and indemnity claims as well as accusations of fraud or breach of contract. 

Our expert team of dispute resolution solicitors will provide you with tailored, practical advice to help you find a resolution to any issue that has arisen as a result of a merger or acquisition. 

Partnership Disputes

Disputes between partners in a business require expert professionals to determine the rights and obligations of both parties and to reach a satisfactory resolution. 

Whatever the reason behind the dispute, these situations can be extremely stressful and complex to navigate. Sensitive situations can also arise such as the breakdown of a personal relationship, or a partner dying, which leads to a dispute over how shares and the business should be dealt with.

Whatever the nature of the dispute, we have experienced solicitors and litigators that can navigate negotiations and represent you should court action be required. 

Mediation and ADR

Court proceedings are not always inevitable. In some situations, disputes can be resolved as amicably and cost-effectively as possible through mediation or alternative dispute resolution processes.

We will always consider all options to decide the best way forward in your particular circumstances. To offer you the best service possible, we work alongside other professionals such as independent mediators who can assist in many situations.

Shareholder Disputes

Often companies pay little attention to documentation when setting up to keep costs down. This often means that companies do not prepare detailed shareholder agreements clearly setting out the shares, rights and for example succession details.

Even when there is a written agreement in place, disputes can still occur, but lack of documentation can make the situation even more complicated to deal with.

Our solicitors can help deal with any disputes that occur between shareholders whether there are formal agreements or not and can advise you not only on the contractual issues but the legal implications.

Reputation Protection

A company or a person’s reputation can take years to build and can be destroyed in just minutes. With the speed that information, whether true or false, can spread globally means that it is important to respond quickly should you wish to take action.

Damages to reputation could be through someone libelling or slandering the name or through inappropriate action by a person on behalf of the company such as becoming involved in a cartel or illegal behaviour.

Whatever the issue we can advise how it may be possible to take action to prevent or limit further reputational damage and, in some circumstances, claim compensation.

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