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Divorce and Family Law

Asset Tracing in Divorce Cases

Unfortunately, during some divorce cases there are spouses who go out of their way to conceal assets from their partners so as to take an unfair amount of the family finances for themselves.

If you suspect this may be happening to you, it’s essential that any hidden assets are tracked down to ensure that when a court order is made you get a fair and just settlement.

Perhaps your partner is proving extremely slow in letting you have information that you’ve requested. Maybe property values seem on the low side or perhaps a more lavish lifestyle is being lived than would be expected on income disclosed. Possibly you just can’t get the figures to add up because some assets have been concealed.

If you have any suspicions, and concerns, our financial analysts are on hand to work alongside your Bridge Law divorce team to bring clarity and simplicity to financial information that has often been made deliberately complicated and difficult to grasp.

Getting the bottom of complex financial arrangement can be difficult. We can help.
Our financial experts will track down any hidden assets.

They will quickly let you have an accurate picture of your marriage’s finances and assets. In the course of their investigations they will uncover any hidden assets, under valuations and any other irregularities.

With their expert help, you can be sure you will get a fair settlement based on accurate figures.

How our financial analysts work on your behalf

  • Follow the paper trail of all money flowing through your family accounts
  • Arrive at an accurate family income
  • Discover any undisclosed onshore or offshore assets
  • Identify any under valuations
  • Compare lifestyle with declared income
  • Uncover any onshore or offshore business interests that haven’t been disclosed
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