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Scammy Dodgers

Helping you to dodge the scammers

With online scams in danger of turning into an epidemic, we have developed a new service to help people avoid the fraudsters before they have parted with their money.


lost to fraud every year in the UK

How Scammy Dodgers works

It can be extremely difficult to spot a fake, fraudulent or scam website, proposition or offer such as a holiday that costs much less than you would expect.

Fraudsters can be exceptionally cunning and often go to extraordinary lengths to fool people – but you can dodge their tricks with our Scammy Dodgers scam check, a low-cost service that could save you a whole lot of money and aggravation.

With Scammy Dodgers, part of Bridge Law Solicitors, you simply let us have details of the payment you are about to make but before you have actually authorised payment.

Within 24 hours our financial analysis experts will let you have a report telling you that you’re that you’re either dealing with a risky operation or reputable company. Simple as that.


of adults have fallen victim or know someone who has fallen victim to an online scam


(Payment in advance)

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