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3 New Year Resolutions and Some Ways We Can Help

As the new year approaches, many of us have thought about making some resolutions. This blog looks at some resolutions we often see people considering.

1. Be Happier 

Relationships and family are often at the top of any poll as to what is important or what makes you happy but when things go wrong this can also be one of the biggest sources of stress or unhappiness. Whether it be a cheating partner, domestic abuse, not seeing enough of children or grandchildren following a separation or just a sense of no longer feeling like you matter, recognising the issue and seeking help can be the first step to making changes which could help turn things around.

There is often publicity in January around the increase in relationship breakdown and “Divorce Day” but getting early advice and help may mean that such drastic action can be avoided.  Often just knowing your rights can empower you to stand up for yourself or be able to discuss situations on a more equal footing. Getting help from other sources such as relationship counsellors, domestic violence support services or family mediation can mean that difficulties are worked out in a way which is as amicable as possible in the circumstances.

Our specialist family law service can help at all levels.  It does not have to mean separation or court proceedings.  Advice and guidance on your options so that you can make informed choices is usually the first step.

2. Make Plans for the Future 

Most of us live day to day and don’t particularly think about the future or what may be around the corner. If we do make plans they may be in relation to pensions or holidays, as we like to think about relaxation and being able to retire from work.  Any future planning should also think about if things go wrong, after all, none of us know what is around the corner.  A little thought and action now could make things much easier for those close to you if something does happen such as an illness or accident.  It is not just older people who are affected.

There are of course financial considerations and issues such as life insurance, income protection or critical illness cover but what if you are incapacitated physically or mentally and cannot manage your affairs?  What if you are a single parent and cannot care for your child?

Making a Will can deal with who you would wish to benefit if you were to die but also makes it easier for your family to deal with your affairs at a difficult time.  Wills need not only deal with monetary issues but can for example say who you would wish to care for your children or your family pets.

Lasting Powers of Attorneys can help someone make decisions in relation to your finance, property, health and welfare if you are no longer able to do so.  If you suddenly lose capacity, e.g. following an accident, illness or traumatic event, it can be very expensive and time consuming for your family to gain the required legal status to deal with matters for you.  Making a Power of Attorney whilst you are well means that they can deal with all matters for you without unnecessary further stress and expense.

3. Have a Better Work/Life Balance

Whether you are an employee or employer work/life balance is always important. As an employer you may spend time dealing with drafting contracts, policies and procedures that take time away from your main employment strengths or extend your working day. Seeking help from an expert can be cost and time effective for you and our business.

Many of us strive for more time away from the office, or family time, this could be flexible working opportunities, paternity or maternity leave or simply working a manageable number of hours each week.

Our commercial and employment law specialists can advice and assist with these and many more related issues.

If you require further information about our services and how we can help, please contact us.





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