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Category: Dispute Management

What makes a Will invalid?

One common reason our contentious trust and probate team see Wills being disputed is because the Will is believed to be invalid. It is important when making your Will that you understand how a valid Will is made and ensure you take the appropriate steps, to avoid your loved ones having to possibly raise a claim when you have passed away. In this article, we discuss what makes a Will invalid and what to do if you believe your loved one has left behind an invalid Will. 

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What to do when capacity to make a Will is doubted

When a person makes a Will, they must have testamentary capacity to ensure their Will is valid. Over recent years, we have seen huge percentages of Wills being contested due to doubt over a Testator’s (the person who made the Will) capacity. In this article, we’ve explained what the testamentary capacity requirements are and shared points you need to consider if you have any doubts over an individual’s capacity when they made their Will. 

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What to do if you are considering challenging a Will based on validity concerns

Over the years, we have seen the number of people raising probate disputes increase. Whatever the reason for disputing a Will, we always recommend seeking early advice to determine the right course of action, which may require you to take immediate steps to prevent probate from going ahead. In this article, we’ve shared our advice on the first steps to take when you have concerns over the validity of a Will. 

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What happens when someone passes away without a valid Will

If a person passes away intestate, it means they haven’t left a valid Will in place. This means that their estate will be dealt with according to the Rules of Intestacy. In this blog, we’ve shared what this means and why we always recommend adults of all ages have a valid Will in place and ensure it is up to date following any major life changes. 

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What you should know about boundary disputes

Boundary disputes are one of the most common neighbour disputes that property owners and occupiers can come across. If there is a disagreement when determining a boundary between two or more properties,  it can often escalate into a frustrating, costly and lengthy situation that can be difficult to resolve without the correct information or procedures. 

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