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Category: Equine Law

What to be aware of when buying a horse

Whether it’s for a hobby or a profession, purchasing a horse is a big investment. When you consider everything associated with owning your own horse – like the initial sale, vets bills, insurance, upkeep and land – the costs are sure to reach the thousands. If there was ever a dispute, this could mean there is a substantial amount at stake, not to mention the time and stress that comes with it. 

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The Duties and Responsibilities of the Owners of Animals

If you own pets, livestock, or other animals you may be liable for any damage they commit. If you keep any animal, you have a duty of care to prevent them from causing harm. If you fail to do so, you can be exposed to civil liability with anyone who has been harmed being able to take action against you for any loss or injury. This is consistent with wider tort law with you as the owner being liable reflecting the fact that making an animal a defendant is not exactly a viable option.

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