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Category: Property Law

What to do when your tenants stop paying their rent

Tenants falling behind on their rent is a huge concern for landlords and one of the most common reasons why landlords evict tenants in the private rental sector. However, there are certain procedures landlords must legally follow if they wish to evict a tenant who has not paid their rent. In this blog, we’ll explain the steps landlords need to take to evict a tenant on the grounds of rent arrears. 

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Steps to take when leasing a commercial property

Commercial property leases are more complex than renting to a residential tenant. Therefore, it is important to take appropriate steps to ensure commercial lease agreements are drafted clearly, with particular attention to detail and consideration of the business operations that will take place in the property. In this article, we’ve highlighted some steps to take to ensure your lease agreements cover all bases to protect both the landlord and tenant later down the line. 

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What you should know about boundary disputes

Boundary disputes are one of the most common neighbour disputes that property owners and occupiers can come across. If there is a disagreement when determining a boundary between two or more properties,  it can often escalate into a frustrating, costly and lengthy situation that can be difficult to resolve without the correct information or procedures. 

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Why unmarried couples should consider a cohabitation agreement

Nowadays, more and more couples live together like traditionally married couples do, but without feeling the want or need to get married, for many different reasons. Although no one, whether married or not, wants to think about their relationship ending or their partner passing away, everyone should understand their legal rights and the protections that are available to them in these situations – to make informed decisions on issues that may, at some point in future affect them – such as the choice of whether or not to enter into a cohabitation agreement. 

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An insight into training to become a solicitor  

Our Associate Solicitor, Zoe Bancroft completed her training contact on the 6th January 2022 and was officially admitted as a solicitor on the 1st February 2022. In this blog, Zoe provides an insight into why she chose to pursue a career in law, what her route to becoming a solicitor was like and her advice to others currently thinking about or training to become a solicitor. 

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