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Christmas is Coming: Preparing Child Arrangements For The Holidays

Santa skating, christmas is coming.

It may seem a long time away or you may not want to think about it, but Christmas is only around the corner. For separated parents this is a time of year that often causes arguments and disagreements as to what time the children should spend with each parent.

Apart from religion and commercialism, Christmas is really all about children having a fun time. It’s important to remember this and think about how conflict between parents could destroy what should be one of the happiest and most memorable occasions.

Don’t leave it until last minute to try to agree arrangements. Try to reach agreements in advance. If you really cannot agree, this will allow you time to consider family mediation or other options to try to resolve any disagreement.

Some parents divide Christmas Day but often this is not the best option. Meals are often taken later, wider family are involved and children will want to enjoy new presents. Taking them out in the middle of the day can easily cause unnecessary upset and stress whereas alternating Christmas Day and Boxing Day (often involving alternate Christmas Eve overnight), can avoid this and allow the children to enjoy two Christmases fully and spend quality time with both families.

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Written by Carol-Anne Baker

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