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Tag: Child Arrangements

Co-parenting plans for school holidays

When you separate or divorce from your partner, navigating day-to-day child arrangements can prove challenging. An aspect of building an effective co-parenting plan is to consider what will happen during school holidays – something we often see families forget about until very close to the time or after the holidays have already started. 

Here, we’ve shared a brief guide to building a co-parenting plan for school holidays that puts the children’s needs at the forefront. 

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Planning Christmas as separated parents

It’s that time again when we’re transitioning into the colder months and with that, Christmas is just a stone’s throw away. Whilst it may seem like there is plenty of time to make your Christmas plans, when co-parenting following separation, there is a lot more to consider and forward planning is always advised. 

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Why is family mediation beneficial for separating families?

Going through a divorce or legal separation is never easy and can be overwhelming. However, it is always recommended to try and resolve matters where possible, without involving the courts, which may trigger acrimony or aggravate an already acrimonious situation further. This is one of the reasons we are supporters of family mediation, which we know can help separating couples to move forward with their lives, in a way that works best for their family. In this article, we’ve shared some key benefits of family mediation to consider. 

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