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Tag: Employment Law

A short guide to the law on child employment

The summer holidays are a popular time for young people to start seeking work and many businesses, particularly those in hospitality may be seeking extra help during the peak summer season. 

If you are considering employing a minor though, there are certain laws you need to be aware of including; the minimum age children can begin working, restrictions on working hours, the type of work children are allowed to do and pay requirements. In this short guide, we’ve covered some common areas of concern for employers. 

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What rights do you have when facing redundancy?

Redundancy is a type of dismissal, which usually happens when the employee’s role is no longer needed within the organisation. For those facing redundancy, it can be an extremely stressful time as you try to navigate through the redundancy period and figure out your next steps.

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When can an employer legally dismiss an employee?

An employer can legally end an employee’s contract, known as ‘fair dismissal’ for a number of reasons. However, it is important employers behave appropriately during the dismissal process, follow the correct legal procedures and always have appropriate disciplinary and grievance procedures in place, to avoid unfair dismissal claims. In this blog, we share when a dismissal is deemed fair, what employers need to do and the legal rights of employees. 

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